Pull Up Exercises

Pull up exercises are a well-known form of exercise but it is still perhaps underestimated their importance in being included in any exercise regime and those that do not do any form of exercise do not realize how much just a few pull ups on a regular basis could help them.

The main benefits that can be received by doing pull ups regular are:

Convenience – In order to do pull ups you not necessarily need any fancy or expensive equipment as you can do them from any static bar, anywhere. It is of course better though if you had a bar specifically designed for doing pull ups and the website by Pullup Professors will inform you about the different types of pull up bars which are available to buy today. These pull up bars include Doorway Bars, Free Standing Bars and Wall Mounted bars, all of which are designed specifically for allowing pull ups to be done in the convenience of someone’s home.

Compound Upper-body Exercise – Compound exercises are particularly good as they target not just one set of muscles but several and pull ups have been described as the upper body’s equivalent of what squats are to the lower body, like the legs. Pull ups are especially good for the biceps and the back muscles and is perhaps the best exercise if a V shaped body is what you are aiming for.

Increase Intensity – Increasing intensity is an important part of any exercise regime but with many exercises increasing the intensity is not always simple. With pull ups however, increasing intensity can easily be attained by adding weights to either the waist or the feet.

Variations – A pull up bar can offer several different variations, each of which help to target different muscles. One variation is to have the hands wide apart on the bar whilst doing the pull ups and this can be particularly beneficial to the lateral muscles. Alternatively of course you can keep your hands close together on the bar which will help a different set of muscles. Another variation is to reverse the grip of the hands on the pull up bar, resulting in what many call chin-ups.

Grip Strength – A particular added benefit for weight lifters is that pull ups can strengthen their grip, which is an essential necessity for any body builder.

Fat Loss – Although there are of course better exercises for targeting fat loss, pull ups can assist in that too, especially if they are alternated with other exercises which are designed more specifically for weight loss as the pull ups will increase your heart rate.

Even a small number of pull ups on a regular basis can be very beneficial for your body but do not leave it at always only doing 1 or 2, try with time to increase that number and before you know it you will be successfully doing 10 each and every day, and that, is serious exercise which will certainly help to keep your body healthy.